QO-100 Telemetry Data

QO-100 Telemetry Data Reception with GNU Radio Companion 3.8.1
Reception of PSK data via a 1.3m offset satellite dish, a converted LNB that mixes down the reception frequency from about 10GHz to about 739MHz and an RTL stick on the PC. The data is then processed and decoded by the PC (Intel Core I7, Debian 10) and the software GNU Radio Companion.

Messages received by QO-100 in the PSK beacon, decoded by Gnu Radio (output of the console of GNU Radio Companion, many thanks to DF1DO)

2020-05-01 09:44:10
Packet number 2
N HI de Qatar-OSCAR 100 (DK0SB)
In order to coordinate potential emergency communications
during the actual or any other crisis, the following frequency
will be assigned as international emergency frequency on QO-100
NB Transponder: Downlink: 10489.860 MHz Uplink: 2400.360 MHz
SSB channel: max. 2.7kHz bandwidth
All users on QO-100 are encouraged to monitor
this frequency, but keep it clear for emergency traffic!

2020-05-01 09:45:01
Packet number 4
L HI de Qatar-OSCAR 100 (DK0SB)
Transponder is open for general use since 2019-02-14.
Enjoy the Narrow Band (NB) and Wide Band (WB transponders.
Follow the guidelines and keep transmiter power below beacon.
For more information visit: http://amsat-dl.org/
QO-100 was brought to you by Es'hailSat, QARS and AMSAT-DL.
Good Luck and Good DX via the first geostationary P4-A satellite

2020-05-01 09:47:08
Packet number 9
M HI de Qatar-OSCAR 100 (DK0SB)
2020-02-14: Celebrating 1 year of QO-100
New bandplan with extended transponder range active now. New
beacons (and new LEILA ground station) currently experimental.
New beacon frequencies:
CW now F1A on 10489500 Middle Beacon AMSAT PSK 10489750
Experimental Beacon 10490000 currently also F1A CW

Configuration of the used hardware:

Using device #0 Realtek RTL2838UHIDIR SN: 00000001
Found Elonics E4000 tuner

No signal received yet
Slowly the PSK beacon comes into the picture
Signal found